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Frequently Asked Questions to the Foot Care Center (

I have diabetes mellitus. Which clinic in Uzbekistan can treat it?
Where to Apply When Falling Legs
The skull was cut. The place is not over. Can you think of a cure?
How to restore sensitivity to your feet
Is Diabetes Disabled?
What should be done to prevent neuropathy?
What is Pregangrena?
What is a podiatrist doing?
There was a bad smell on the wound. What does this mean?
I have diabetes. It is disturbing to see the rupture of the wall, the construction of the mortar. Can You Treat?
What is Surgical Infection?
Silence is swollen and red. Where are they treated?
What do you need to do to reduce the substance?
What is the evidence of drying out of diabetes in diabetes?
The skull is festering, wants to be amputated, what do you say?
We are from a remote country of Uzbekistan. Will your ankle swell until you reach your clinic?
My legs are sore, sore, and not too loud. What to do?
What is the danger of diabetes?
Is it possible to walk without a foot festering?
There is a punch in the paw. What is the reason?
They said that the wax smells like Levomecole. Is this true?
How to recognize the sign of infection in an injury?
What kind of procedure do you recommend?
How Much Risk Can Life Endure?
Is memory loss a complication of diabetes?
Which doctor can refer to foot movements in the area?
Can Carason be treated in Uzbekistan?
I felt a numbness in my leg, there was a sore throat, and I began to notice it. May I go to a podiatrist?
The silence of the substance was reduced in silence. Do you want to continue?
The thumb is red. What to do?
The fingertips are weak on the fingertips, there are no spikes and the scars are gone. Proceed to the tablet?
Is there any risk of cracks in the heel in diabetes?
How can injuries be healed quickly?
What does the wound mean when it smells?
What to do in severe pain?
What is the pre-Korgonne condition?
Is it possible to get rid of Karason?
I am a citizen of Kyrgyzstan: Uzbekistan, especially Tashkent, is praised by many. Where can I get quality medical care in Tashkent?
What other clinic can you apply for paraprocytitis in Tashkent?
I dislocated my ankle. I have diabetes. To whom should we apply?
Is there a cure for diabetes?
Fingers crossed. Are there any good experts?
When my leg hurts, I apply a trocsevazine. In the swollen area there appeared a bubble. What is this?
It smells bad – isn’t it scary?
What to do if the fingers crunch and move
We are citizens of Kazakhstan, can we go to Uzbekistan and treat our brother who is sick?
Which clinic in Tashkent can you call good?
We are seeking treatment in Tashkent. Which clinic is in good condition?
I have a packet at the bottom of the toe. Which specialist should I contact?
What to do if the wound is stiff again?
Is It Wrong to Reduce Pain in Diabetes?
The headache is pus. What should we do?

The smell on the wound is getting worse. What medicine do you recommend?
Do you tell me the podiatrist’s appointment time?
Beneath the silence was a pus flowing, now reduced. Should we continue the trial equally?
Within two or three days, the pus flowed. Then he stopped. Isn’t that scary?
Which clinic can provide a stent to the foot veins without leaving Uzbekistan?
We live in a remote village. The endocrinologist says it is advisable to treat the carcinoma in urban settings. Are there any conditions for the living of sick children in Tashkent?
Where is your clinic in town?
Are there many snow treatment clinics in Tashkent?
What to do if the wound smells?
Mother’s feet turned pale, her sensitivity diminished, and she became thin. Is this a complication of diabetes?
No signs of pus. Should I continue to drink moxifloxacin?
What is the best medicine for feet cold and cold?
Which hospital unit should be hospitalized for?
Is there an inflammation of the ankle?
What city clinic do you recommend for treating mastitis?
Is it possible to cure cold, slippery, and broken legs?
It is said that diabetes is a severe wound in diabetes. Is that correct?
My father’s toes seem to have signs of carnation. Can you review?
They say they need to cut the finger. Can You Help? Is there a cure?
I use goosebumps when my feet get cold, shiver, fly, stab, swell. Is that correct?
Are there any cramps in neuropathy?
Is it possible to apply to you when your feet get cold, bumps and tension increases?
The district was told to renovate the hospital. Can we come to you?
Which clinic in the city treats legs?
Our village is far from the city. Do not the feet become swollen until we reach them?
My father’s fingernails turned black. Isn’t it dangerous?
Is it possible to cure curled, swollen and chilled feet?
My feet stuck, banged, they fluttered? Child, can you help?
Is there a place to spend the night in the town of Tonkent?
My skull was cut at the regional hospital. The place is not over. What to do?
I have a fever. May I go?
They say India has a lot of experts, is it true?
My toes are suffering from cold hardening, increased tension, decreased sensitivity, and sores. Can You Help?
The tip of the scars was black. Isn’t it dangerous?
My foot is shaking, bouncing, and stabbing. Does the dialiphone help?
What to do when the foot swells?
What is the cause of edema and swelling?
The veins are said to be narrower. What medicine helps?
The patient says he has low sensitivity. What drug should we recommend?
Muscle aches in the leg, and there is no way to talk. What to do with it?
The doctors say that your foot is not good. Is it available in your clinic?
My father is suffering from diabetes, his fever is high, his toes are black, his gangrene is being said, What to do?

When my foot touches my hand, it is cold and the tension is strong. I went to the regional pediatric surgery department. There people said they were better in Tashkent. Which hospital should I contact?
When the cold came, we went to the doctor. The medicines they give are not helping me at all. The regional hospital is not accepting. Can you treat such complications in your clinics?
Is it possible to remove the wound from the wound?
Many doctors say there is no cure for snowmobiles. Is this true?
Cold hardening, sensitivity decline, convulsions, and needle puncture are on my feet. Is there a cure?
They said they could stop the pus. Can I stop the gangrene?
What is the underlying cause of neuropathy?
What can you do to prevent itching, fussing, colds, sores?
His feet were cold and he was in pain. Can you cure?
At what infection does the wound smell?
Is it the duty of the doctor or the nurse to cover the wound?
What to do with a closed vessel?
The injury is minor. May I have Levomecole?
There is a wound on the 3rd finger. Is this a saccharine?
The panama is cold and shivering, and it is hard to tell. Can you help, Doctor?
We went to the doctor’s office in the district. They said that you would be healed in Tashkent. This is where the silence can be stored. Which clinic can I apply for?
My feet are cold bumps, cramps, toe bothers. Is it possible to cure it at the foot care clinic?
The wound is green. What type of infection is this?
What is the evidence for the closure of the vessel?
What to do if your feet get up, get cold, get cold or punch?
Pus is streaming down the skull. Need to trim?
I have a pain in my legs. Do you need an endocrinologist?
Is it a complication of diabetes?
What to do if the wound smells?
There is a gap crack. Which cream should I apply?
What is a microangiopathy in diabetes?
I can’t feel my ankle. The vein is closed. Whom should I contact?
The city was told to go. Where to apply for diabetes?
In diabetes, the packaging is getting bigger. What to do?
My father’s 4 fingers are black. What do you recommend?
What is the most dangerous aspect of amputation?
Can the wound be removed from the wound?
My father was devastated by diabetes. What can I do to restore Mador?
Because of diabetes, fistulas always flow from the ulcer. Whom should I contact?
Is it difficult to decompose?
They feel severe pain in the saliva. What to do?
There are stains on the skin. He has diabetes. Do you have treatment?
We called the endocrinologist home. He said the foot would cure the pain. Where can I find it?
The nails are black. Can you take a look?
Endocrinologists did not pay attention to my leg. Can you look at me?
Modern medicine is said to reduce the risk. Is that true?
The ceiling is cracked. Does Goose Oil Help?
I have diabetes. Is it dangerous to transplant skin?
What can you do to prevent the appearance of packaging in diabetes?
The headache decreased in the head. Can I stop antibiotics?
Mother’s feet were a red sack. What to apply?
The lower ankle is swollen. Is it not dangerous?
The leg veins are sore. They were called varicose veins. What to do?
Is dryness of the paw skin worse?
Is it possible to remove the packaging in diabetes?
The feet are cold and the ankles are swollen. Can you cure?
I have diabetes. I have a pack under my feet. Not risky?
Fingers cool and not noticeable. Not hurt?
My feet are swollen. Where is it cured?
They returned the ankle. They had sugars. Can you see?
What is wrong with the packaging?
Is cold frosting dangerous in the Sahara?